About MyGovSpending.com

Vince Emmer Some folks have the wacky idea that if people want their money to be used effectively, they should stay on top of it. With your support and a little luck, MyGovSpending.com can help you stay closer to your biggest lifelong bill - government.

We think you are smart enough to decide what your government should be doing with your money. We want to help you do it.

There is no lobbying, political action group, or big money source behind MyGovSpending.com. This is just a small businessperson working with a team of friends, relatives, and computer wizards.

This site is a business venture. We have no donor list, so we are not beholden to donors. Our customers are our masters, no one else. We shall go where they take us.

My name is Vince Emmer and I'm shepherding this idea. I've worked in finance since 1981, first as a consulting analyst to public utilities, now as a consutant to families.

While this is team effort, I alone am responsible for any errors or mistakes.

Note that this site is a work in progress. If you like it, please tell everyone you know. If you don't, please tell me.

We hope you enjoy ramping up the power of your citizenship with MyGovSpending.com.


Eden Marketing built MyGovSpending.com. It is a crack team of web developers, software engineers, and all around propeller-heads. This project would never have seen the light of day without this team. MyGovSpending, Inc. is grateful to the people of Eden Marketing LLC for their expertise, support, gracious and informative communications skills, and especially for their unending patience. Eden turned the vision into reality with system design skills, graphic arts talent, project management, web hosting solutions, and of course, the serious work of actually writing code.

Roman Warmke, the personable, 100 mph owner, handled this ornery project with ease. Dan Dreifort and Jay Warmke, both knowledgeable and enthusiastic, served as project managers extraordinare.

Extra kudos to Brian O'Connell and Jef Shilt. They did the heavy lifting of actually programming the site. They are the bright brains of the future.

Please visit the Eden Marketing team at edenmarketing.com.


Andrew Chamberlain is the high-wattage intellect atop Chamberlain Economics LLC. Andrew has an especially effective skill for untangling complex topics for nonspecialists both verbally and in writing.

When Andrew was with the Tax Foundation he and Gerald Prante, who is a Senior Economist at the Tax Foundation, wrote the paper "Who Pays Taxes and Who Receives Government Spending?" which laid out a framework for allocating all federal, state and local taxes to each of five income groups. The paper then extends its analytical wings and does the same for spending. Combining the tax side with the spending side illuminates the extent income is distributed from top to the bottom. Every voter influenced by the debate about income inequality would benefit from becoming familiar with its conclusion.

In his current capacity as founder of Chamberlain Economics LLC, Andrew agreed to assist MyGovSpending.com. He and Gerald Prante teamed up again and build the extraordinary tax calculation engine used by MyGovSpending.com. It matches IRS and Census data to estimate taxes for 390 different groups of taxpayers, each with different tax characteristics. It is simple to use and quite powerful.

Chamberlain Economics, LLC is a terrific resource for government or business. Visit the good people there at chamberlaineconomics.com.